Hyoungnyoun Kim



Researches - Computation Intelligence



Brain-like Associative Memory                                                     2011.02 - Present


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-          Designed an associative memory model that supports various types of associations such as auto/hetero, multidirectional, and collaborative associations

-          Implemented a multi-directional associative memory for Fragment-based image reconstruction




Temporal Associative Memory                                                                   2009.03 - 2011.01


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-          Designed a graphical associative memory model for the precise recall and prediction of the large-scale behavioral data

-          Implemented an incrementally learnable algorithm of Dynamic Hypernetworks in order to model between temporally correlated life-log data such as reality-mining data




Adaptive User Modeling                                                                2006.03 - 2008.04


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-          As a sub-project of ‘Development of the Personal Life Log System’

-          Designed a multi-level activity architecture for the integration of multimodal information from wearable sensor networks

-          Implemented preprocessing algorithms for various types of recognition such as faces, locations, gestures, and speeches

-          Built a probabilistic activity model that is adapted by the context of the users




Active Video Surveillance System                                                 2005.05 - 2006.01


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-          Detected and tracked a person in a hallway by dynamic configuration between networked Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

-          Constructed an agent-based system that independently performs as an active camera and cooperates with other cameras